28 July 2008

Day at the Museum

Yesterday was an unexpected free day for my little family and since it wasn't much of an outside day due to the rain we decided to go to the Museum of Natural History in NYC. It was a lazy day so we got a late start and, of course, hit traffic going into the city so by the time we got there it was well past lunch time and we were all starving. Luckily we found a great place called Homer's up on Amsterdam and 83rd. It was called something else last time I was there, but it was still the same delicious burgers and fries and the like. Zoë's lunch included a chocolate milkshake that was about as big as she is. After some good, greasy food and a couple of rounds of air hockey (there's an air hockey table and video games in the back of Homer's) we remembered that we were planning to go to the museum.

A quick dash through the raindrops and in no time we were standing in front of some enormous dinosaur bones. Somewhere between the Hall of Vertebrates and the DinoStore we were sitting on a bench and Zoë looked up at me said quietly, "I feel happy."

My heart just about popped right there and then. "I feel happy, too," I said hugging her and smiling.

We finished up looking at the dinosaurs, hit the dioramas (no trip to the Natural History Museum is complete without seeing the dioramas), and then headed home. The smile never left my face.


Dorothy W. said...

It sounds like a wonderful day! Isn't that museum so much fun?

Shopaholic D said...

sounds like a great day! very fun!

:) D

ZoesMom said...

DW & SD -- it was one of the best days!

Emily Barton said...

It does sound fabulous. Now, you must get yourself to a local library, find Sloane Crosley's THEY TOLD ME THERE'D BE CAKE, and read her hilarious essay on volunteering in the butterfly exhibit at the AMNH. It's called "Sign Language for Infidels."

Emily Barton said...


ZoesMom said...

Emily -- I've heard of that book -- I think its on one of my lists of books to read. I'll definitely get a hold of it. Thanks!