10 August 2008

Dramatic fashion

I have been watching coverage of the Olympic Games and it seems to me that the commentary is so overly-dramatic. I realize this is an incredible moment of potential achievement for these athletes who have probably worked most of their lives for this moment, but even so it seems that the stakes have been raised. Some phrases I've heard tonight include:

"That's a major mistake. Definitely a half a point there."
"There is no safety net for this team."
"The race of his life."

Much more importantly, let's discuss Olympic fashion:

I think Ralph Lauren did a nice job outfitting the team this year. The athletes all looked good at the opening ceremony and I think a lot of the warm-ups and other clothing they provided are quite nice. Looks like Nike has provide most of the actual performance gear.

It was a very nice change to see the men's gymnastic teams not in white stirrup pants. The dark, flat red is a much better choice for tight pants on men. Keeps the emphasis on those nice arms and upper bodies. The Chinese men's outfits are really nice too.

I don't think red satin was the best choice for the women's gymnastics team, but at least they aren't spraying their hair with glitter this year.

The women's beach volleyball team outfits look like something that should be on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but the men's regular volleyball team look good.

All the women archers look awesome. Tough as nails.

That's all my comments for now, but I will be sure to keep my eye on the Olympic fashions and report back.

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