19 August 2008

My new favorite charity

I just happened upon what I consider to be an awesome charity. I haven't checked out their financials, but they do file all the right paperwork. They are called Soles4Souls and they facilitate the donation of shoes to needy people worldwide. Individuals, organizations, shoes stores can all donate shoes or (of course) money.

I came across this charity on the Piperlime website (one of my favorite shoe-shopping websites) and I can't wait to fill up a box and ship it off. I will then have more room in my closet for new shoes and feel like I've done one small thing to help someone else in the world. What could be better? The fact that it is all about shoes, of course!

Speaking of shoes that need room in my closet, last week before I started my new hiatus I bought these gorgeous shoes and I haven't worn them yet, but I still want to show them off:
from Nine West


Anonymous said...

I like those! You must wear them.
Good to know about a shoe charity, since I may also need to find space in my wardrobe, for the new fall shoes I need to go with my new fall dress.

tracie valentino said...

Those are gorgeous!

All these great new shoes!! I'm feeling a little left out. That settles it, I'm going shoe shopping tomorrow! :)

Emily Barton said...

Well, now I know why we get along so well: those of us with shoe obsessions have to stick together. And thank you for introducing me to my new favorite charity and for sharing a picture of that fabulous shoe!

ZoesMom said...

So glad you all like my new shoes :-).

I like to look at it this way: shoe shopping necessitates the need to make room in your closet for new shoes therefore you have shoes to give to Soles4Souls.

And, Emily, you're right, we do need to stick together!