12 August 2008

Not tired?

A brief outline of my day:

5:00 AM Get up, get dressed, head to the gym, workout
6:30 AM Shower and dress
7:00 AM Make breakfast for Zoe, pack her camp bag, start a load of laundry
7:30 AM Eat breakfast (Special K), drink coffee, read for 10 minutes
8:05 AM Wave good-bye to Zoe on the camp bus
8:25 AM CVS stop for some things I need for my upcoming trip
8:45 AM Arrive at work, turn on computer and begin reading email and other work
9:30 AM Drink large iced coffee from Dunkin Donuts, continue working
10:00 AM Meeting
10:30 AM Meeting
12:00 PM Lunch at The Burger Bar with friends-- eat too much, but don't really regret it
1:30 PM Return to office
2:11 PM Remember and go to 2pm meeting to discuss upcoming trip
3:15 PM Finalize presentation for upcoming trip
5:10 PM Leave work and go home
5:45 PM Have a long talk with Zoe about the bully at her camp. Conversation ends with a smile, hug and kiss.
6:25 PM Put washed clothes in dryer and add new load of dirty clothes to the washer
6:30 PM Head out for dinner in Milford with friends and manage to not eat too much.
9:30 PM Return home, bring out recycling, fold dry clothes and put clean clothes from washer into the dryer
9:45 PM Pack 2 lunches for Zoe, pick out 2 outfits
10:15 PM Sit down and watch Michael Phelps break the all-time gold medal record. Wow, butterfly is so hard!
10:25 PM Get clothes out of dryer, fold and put away
10:30 PM Pack for trip, clean up clutter so cleaning lady can clean tomorrow
11:45 PM Can't do the one thing I really want to do -- sleep.

OK, I haven't been trying for very long, but I would think after the day I've had, I would have been passed out by now.

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Emily Barton said...

Why is it always days like that that seem to result in sleepless nights? Hope you finally got you rest!