04 June 2009

The All About Mememememe Meme

I was tagged by the Queen herself for this one!

Rules: Try to answer the following questions, and leave your answers in the comments section. If you feel like it (unless I've tagged you. Then you have no choice), create ten questions of your own with multiple choice answers (or use my questions and create your own answers. Or use some of my questions. Or use some of my answers. See how easy I am?) and ask people to see how well they know you. Tag five others to do the same.

1. Where was ZoesMom born and raised?
a. New York
b. Connecticut
c. Texas
d. New Jersey

2. What is ZoesMom's favorite food?
a. Vegetables
b. Hot dogs
c. Pizza
d. Candy

3. How old is Zoe?
a. 5
b. 8
c. 7
d. 9

4. What is Zoe's most beloved stuffed animal?
a. Snoopy
b. Teddy
c. Uglydoll
d. Eeyore

5. What does ZoesMom most love to shop for?
a. shoes
b. bags
c. make-up
d. all of the above

6. It's Saturday night and ZoesMom has babysitting...what is she doing?
a. going to dinner and a movie with Rob
b. going to a rock concert
c. rockclimbing
d. hanging at a sports bar

7. It's dinnertime, what is ZoesMom most likely making?
a. reservations
b. grilled chicken and veggies
c. lasagna
d. whole wheat pasta with home made pesto

8. Zoe's favorite 7th birthday present was...?
a. clothes
b. Barbies
c. SpongeBob Squarepants Operation (game)
d. Magic kit

9. What book changed the reading life of ZoesMom?
a. Pride and Prejudice
b. The Hotel New Hampshire
c. Crime and Punishment
d. The Fountainhead

10. What other blogger introduced ZoesMom to Emily of Telecommuter Talk (aka Queen O' Memes)?
a. traciedesigns
b. Charlotte's Web
c. Musings from the Sofa
d. It's Sara With No H

Extra Credit:
What does ZoesMom have on the window near her desk that provides lots of nice distraction from her work?
a. a bird feeder
b. windchimes
c. sun catcher
d. artwork from Zoe


Emily Barton said...

I happen to think some of these are trick questions, but I will take a stab and explain the ones I think are tricky.

1. b (but she loves NY so much, maybe her alter ego was born and raised there)

2. d (she loves pizza, too. However, I don't think she would brag about going a whole day without pizza)

3. b (and sometimes going on 70)

4. I don't know. I'd love to say d and be right

5. d (and she also likes lovely, exorbitantly expensive chairs displayed in shop windows as much the next guy)

6. a (although it could also be b, depending on who's playing and whether or not it's the middle of the summer, when Rob is nowhere to be found or c. if I'm around and have coerced her into attending a godawful GPG happy hour at some sports bar somewhere)

7. MOST likely a, but we all know ZM is learning to cook, so it could also be b or c (I suspect, given her delicate taste buds, that she is not a fan of whole wheat pasta -- most definitely an "acquired" taste -- so I rule out option "d").

8. d, unless she's changed her mind about that

9. Not sure, but am thinking ZM and I are so much alike that it just might be John Irving (same author, different book. Chalk it up to a few years' difference in ages) so am going with b (I also seem to recall his being one of the 20 most influential authors on that FB thing).

10. c (no need to explain)

Extra Credit: a (which we forgot to go see last time I was in town)

Becky said...

Let me see how I do.

2d - but she is trying so very hard at the moment; and succeeding
3c - which I bet sometimes seems unbelievable
4d - he has survived many an adventure, including being left behind in hotel rooms
5d - and I'm ready when you are
6a - and well earned too
7b - such fortitude! Now you may have a quarter cup of almonds as a snack.
9, erm, don't actually know, b?
10c - and is very pleased to have done so

Extra credit

Emily Barton said...

I just realized I chose the wrong letter, but I do know that Zoe is 7 (thus the reference to the wisdom of a 70-year-old).

karenzsmith said...

OK. I'm going to give this a try. I think I should get an "A" if not a A+.

1. b.
2. d, of course
3. c.
4. d.
5. d. (ditto for me too)
6. a.
7. a.
8. d.
9. a. This is the one I'm a little shaky on.
EC. a.
I hope I did well on it. I may have to steal this one for myself & put it on my blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna give it a go...

1. b, but I think you heart NY
2. c, and if not it's got to be a close second.
3. c
4. d and I remember that because of a fantastic blog about leaving loveys behind while on vacation and having it shipped to the next destination - so brilliant!
5. d
6. a
7. a and there's nothing wrong with that at all even if you order whole wheat pasta with pesto!
8. it has to be c or d because I can't imagine she would even fake a smile for a or b.
9. I'm going to guess a, though maybe it was c. I'm guessing when I could go back and check a pretty recent post. But you didn't mention that this was "open book" so I think that might be cheating.
10. c
Extra Credit a
I hope I pass...