12 June 2009

Friday's Lessons Learned (Or who wore what this week)

  • When I tell Rob he looks like a gas station attendant, he seems to think that is a good thing. I know he doesn't have a desk job, but does that mean he must always go out looking like he's going to lay down under a car all day? [Obviously, the answer is yes.]
  • I will never be able to predict what Zoe wants to wear. I must never, ever assume. (I am still holding my breath that she will actually wear the dress tomorrow.)
  • I am no longer capable of keeping all the dates I need to remember in my head. Feels like tt is getting to the point where I need calendar entries for brushing my teeth. I try very hard to put everything important into my calendar, but if I forget, oy. Not sure if I am busier or just have less room/capabilities in my brain.
  • It is very hard to take a picture of birds. I am considering setting my camera up on the tripod and taking pictures on a timer. If I can figure it out.
  • Turns out Rob has a broken arm! Man that Zoe is tough. He'll be fine, he just needs physical therapy -- no cast or anything.
  • The more I think about how much Rob hates it, the more I blog about him.
  • The promise of pizza and wine make for short blog posts.


Emily Barton said...

If Zoe refuses to wear the dress tomorrow, tell her how lucky she is not to live in the horrible old days when mothers (like Emily's) just went and bought dresses without children and made them wear them with horrible white socks and uncomfortable shoes.

Hope Rob's arm heals quickly and wish I could join you for the pizza and wine!

HT said...

Tell Rob that him hating it makes me want to blog about him too! xo ht

Courtney said...

Poor Rob! That sucks! Good luck with the dress for tomorrow (today...) -

ZoesMom said...

Well, I am sure it won't come as a surprise that Zoe did not wear the dress. She decided on one that was already in her closet. It was a nicer dress so I was happy, plus I get to go return the other and get my money back.

Thanks for the well wishes for Rob everyone!

HT -- please do blog about Rob. That would be funny. :-)

Emily Barton said...

I hope with the money you get back for the dress, you treat YOURself to something (maybe an adult version of that skort to wear poolside?). You definitely deserve it after all that.

sarawithnoh said...

I love this post. Sounds like my house!!!