10 June 2009

The Dress

On Saturday we have to go to a First Communion and it occurred to me this past Sunday evening that my daughter the tomboy has absolutely nothing appropriate to wear. I explained the situation to her and told her we'd have to find something.

At first I suggested one of the 3 or 4 dresses (purchased in the pre-tomboy days) already hanging in her closet, but those were categorically rejected. She did not want to wear a dress.

Then I thought of skorts. There are many adorable skorts out there and with the right top, they make a cute outfit. Plus, they are as comfortable as wearing shorts. It took a little doing, but I managed to sell Zoe on the skort idea.

Monday after school we headed right out to the stores. This was my only chance for shopping and I explained that to Zoe along with the fact that whatever we pick out she will have to wear. She made it clear to me that she was clear so into the first store we went.

There were a number of skorts in the first store, but Zoe was not overly fond of the ruffles. Then she decided that a white skort would be good, but we couldn't agree on a top. Looking back on it, I should have said OK to the purple heart t-shirt and have been done with it, but live and learn.

In store number 2 we found a really adorable aqua blue paisley printed skort with a cute aqua t-shirt which looked absolutely adorable on Zoe. I thought we were set until we were leaving the dressing room and she said she wanted to show me something else. She brought me over to a dress. A polo shirt type of dress. It was OK. Not really as cute as the aqua outfit and it was a DRESS. I had her try it on and she still wanted it.

"But you have a dress just like this at home," I told her.

"I like this one," she said admiring herself in the mirror.


So, I bought the dress with the stipulation that we look in one more store. The third store had absolutely nothing Zoe would even consider. We went back to the first store because I was hoping the white skort might change her mind again, but no such luck. So we're going with the dress.

Now I am just holding my breath until Saturday morning to see if she actually wears this dress without a fight. Maybe I should go get that skort and t-shirt just in case...? But what kind of message would that be sending? Oy.


Cam said...

I love little girls -- they're cute, charming, fun, easier to undertand that a boy. less likely to tell you about the worm farm they've been keeping under their bed for weeks in a crystal bowl they took from the china cabinet, etc. But when I read things like this I think: I'm so glad I had a boy and never had to fight the 'dress' battle. I never could have been as patient as you with going to multiple stores, passing up some acceptable choices to end up with the one just like the one back home. :) I hope that Zoe has fun wearing her new outfit.

Emily Barton said...

Oh man, that skort is SO adorable. I am not a parent, because I would have bought it anyway with the hopes that I could get her to wear it to some other event, and my disappointment over the dress (which is perfectly cute, just not next to the skort) would have been so audible that my child would cling to it and wear it every day for the rest of her life just to get me back.

ZoesMom said...

Cam -- Seems like I have the best and worst of both worlds right now with my little tomboy. It wasn't something I was expecting out of Zoe. But I haven't had to deal with any worm farms -- at least not yet. Yikes.

Emily -- I had to fight the urge to NOT buy the skort and to not be completely plain in my disappointment. It was a struggle!

sarawithnoh said...

The dress is adorable. DD went through a "dresses only" phase which is equally as painful as "no dresses." I bought DD a dress like that and it wasn't dressy enough. Now that she is willing to wear shorts and pants again she wears the dresses to play dress up at home! Kids are so quirky.