19 June 2009

Friday's Lessons Learned: A Week in Photos

This week I am too lazy and exhausted to write full bullet points so I am relying on pictures. We all know how many words they are worth, right?

  • I was finally able to catch a photo of one half of the cardinal couple that frequent my bird feeder. This is Ruby:

    Her mate, Carmine, is still camera shy.

  • Zoe was into crazy outfits this week. Yes those are socks on her hands, and yes that is her underwear over her pants.

  • Chief likes to sleep on the floor next to my side of the bed with his "baby." He is probably the best dog, ever.

  • We had another visit from the Tooth Fairy this week. Zoe lost her first top tooth and now has that jack-o-lantern look!

  • Yes, you may have noticed there are no pictures of Rob this week. He's been too busy working his crazy summer schedule to participate in any of my photo shoots, but I will share that my excellent friend Heather has started a hysterical new blog called Rob hates blogs about him. Anyone out there who wants author rights, let me know.


sarawithnoh said...

Ok, the Rob Hates Blogs About Him blog is hysterical. My husband is exactly the same way. I just love it!!

We had an odd week with underwear too. DD adorned her brother in her underwear this week-put them on over his diaper and he couldn't care less. Just lovely.

tracie valentino said...

Congrats on Zoe's tooth! Now she and Mad match :)

Glad to hear Chief is adjusting well to his new family, and that you're all adjusting well to him! Can't wait to meet him!