05 June 2009

Friday's Lessons Learned

I'm really enjoying these Friday bullet point posts. Hope you are too.
  • Unless I get up before 6am and go directly into the bathroom, no matter what time I want to get in the shower, Rob will somehow get there first.
  • Zoe has some kind of strange weekend sensor that causes her to wake up very, very early on weekend mornings, but on weekday mornings an air horn is required to wake her. (Actually I know a lot of other kids do the same thing and I think it is because we tend to let them stay up later on weekend nights, but a 6am Saturday morning wake-up is a cruel payback.)
  • I prefer my home office to a windowless conference room even if there are live people in that conference room.
  • The lilacs have come and gone already and I completely missed them. It is because of all of this damn rain. It ruined my lilacs. One of the few flowers I can actually name. Not sure, but I think this is the rainiest Spring we've had in a long time. It really needs to stop raining every other day now. Right now. Seriously.
  • Keeping up with my work email is a lot like being pecked to death by a chicken. (Thanks Becky for reminding me of that perfect metaphor.) I am starting to think I may need to turn into one of those people who only checks email at set times so that I may get other work done besides answering emails. Yeah, I doubt I'll do it too.
  • Ever since our Mother's Day night viewing of "Sound of Music" Zoe has been watching it over and over. Tonight I convinced her to branch out into some new musicals so we're trying "Annie." It is not the best of the movie musicals, but it is age-appropriate and I loved it when I was her age. I'll let you know what she thinks.
  • You probably know how much I have been loving my bird feeder because of all the bird visits it brings, but this week I had the best visit of all. For most of Monday there were 2 baby birds sitting in the bird feeder and the mommy bird was showing them how to eat. At first she was putting the food in their mouths and then she was watching while they picked the food up themselves. I wish I had filmed it.

My final two bullets are pictures:
  • Love sleeping Zoe pictures, but I especially love sleeping Rob and Zoe pictures. They look so much alike in this picture.

  • Last, but certainly not least, I would like to introduce you to the soon-to-be newest member of my family. Ladies and gentleman, I give you Chief!

He's recovering from a little surgery right now, but he should be home with us by next week. We can't wait!


Emily Barton said...

I love your Friday bullets so much, I'm thinking about doing them myself (on occasion. Judging from Music Monday, you can see how well I stick to these day themes).

I, too, used to say I was going to have set times for email and then never, ever did. And what is it with men and the shower? The other one, for some reason, in our house, is the kitchen sink. Every time I need to use it, he's right there doing something.

I love the pix. Chief looks like such a GREAT dog!

musingsfromthesofa said...

It is a particularly bad conference room you were stuck in, though.
Can't wait to meet Chief!

MJT said...

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Again, many thanks.
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karenzsmith said...

You are so right, Zoe & Rob do look exactly alike while sleeping. Ashton & Samantha do too. Funny. Chief is a cutie! Can't wait to meet him!

sarawithnoh said...

I love lilacs and missed them this year as well - so sad. Although Yankee Candle has an equally lovely lilac candle :)

We also have a problem at my house with children that wake up at 6 am on the weekends and 7 during the week. Which is probably why I also love pictures of them sleeping...it means they are sleeping!