15 July 2009

Harry Potter Hype

I bet most people reading this know that the new Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opened today. There is tons of media attention on this one so it would be hard to miss. A lot of my friends are quiet excited to see the movie and many have already bought tickets for showings this weekend.

I have to admit I am a little jealous over all the excitement.

I somehow missed the initial Harry Potter train and I've never really been able to catch it since. I saw the first movie, but I was kind of underwhelmed. I imagine that is because I never read the first book. I saw the second movie and had the same reaction. By that point Harry Potter had become like a religion and I was turned off so it was too late for me to turn back to book 1. I made the decision to let the train go by.

After all the hype over all these years, I am more put off than ever on reading the books or seeing any more of the movies, but there is something so delicious about a long-awaited film or book that I am envious of the anticipation that has been everywhere and gratification about to come.

So, for all the Harry Potter fans out there -- I hope the movie is great and worth the wait! Eat some popcorn for me.


HT said...

Funny- I have the same response to so many movies (never saw Dances with Wolves for that reason.) I did read the Harry Potter books & enjoyed them and liked the first few films well enough. But it's been too long and the actors have aged too much (a la Happy Days) for me to invest much enthusiasm... I'll go, but with no more pep in my step than for Whatever Works, or other current offerings.

Anonymous said...

I totally missed the Harry Potter bus so I'm right there with you! Plus, although the stories are supposed to be fantastic, I have a difficult time with sci fi/fantasy type stuff. I do hope there is a new "book craze" for kids though because anything that encourages them to read is fantastic. We're working on the Junie B Jones series currently.