05 July 2009

Independence Day

Yesterday I was explaining to Zoe why 4th of July is also called Independence Day and it made me think of all the ways she has become independent lately. I hear "I can do it myself" a lot these days and most of the time I welcome it.

Zoe now can:
  • Open the car door, get herself into the car, put on her seatbelt and close the car door without any help. Those of you who don't have kids can't imagine what a relief that is and those of you that do, I am sure you know.
  • Go to the restroom at restaurants without me.
  • Wash her own hair and body in the shower without any help.
  • Clear her dishes from the table (not that she does it all the time).
  • Pick out clothes and put them on -- and sometimes the clothes even match.
  • Find the shows she wants to watch on TV.
  • Read her own bedtime story (in truth she goes back and forth on this -- sometimes she reads and sometimes I do).
I wonder what's next?

(I had to use the bullet points because I skipped my usual Friday post.)


Charlotte said...

The getting in and out of the car alone is HUGE. I now have two out of three who can, and my youngest is on his way to learning too. Hooray Zoe!

ZoesMom said...

Charlotte -- I am rooting on your youngest. It makes life so much easier!

Anonymous said...

Hysterical! I was equally excited when DD could do the car/buckle/door on her own. Who knew it would be a celebratory event. Bathing and tooth brushing are still best left to the professionals!