09 June 2010

List of things for High School

Zoe has been into making lists lately. Lists of all kinds -- what she wants to be for Halloween, her friends, her favorite foods, etc. The most recent list I found had to do with when she gets into high school. Very interesting.

Here is a scan of the actual list:

And in case you can't read it, here's what is says:

Things I might get:
Jeans with howls [holes], tattoo
(henna) dyed hair four
pieces, dark Jeans catar [guitar] picks
elecktrick blue vw beatle

Classes I might take:
Art cooking sewing club

To prom I might wear:
Long earings, small clutch
bag, ankle strap high
heels, gold anklet
long gown lose [loose] hair

I don't think this needs any further comment.


Chapter Forty said...

This is a fantastic record of Zoes thinking. I love it and think her wants are very wantable, especially an electric blue VW Beatle and a tattoo. (I'm too worried what my own Mum would think to get one) Her list for the prom paints a very elegant picture of her, just love the long earings with small clutch.

Emily Barton said...

I love the detail and the fact she's already thinking about the prom. I didn't even know what the prom was when I was 8. However, I would have been in complete agreement at that age about an electric blue Beetle.

Courtney said...

Oh, what a lovely, fantastic, list. REally it's just the start of a proper journal, or does she already do that? It reads like my earliest journals, in some ways. How do you feel about the hair dye and the henna tats?

ZoesMom said...

Chapter 40 -- her wants really are wantable!

Emily -- I don't think I knew what the prom was when I was 8 either.

Courtney -- She has about 20 journals that uses for her various lists and plans. One day she's going to have an entire library of journals. I am definitely pro henna tattoo and hair dye. Love em both.