30 June 2010

Summer Camp

I am so jealous of Zoe these days. She's on summer vacation from school and going to daycamp. She comes from camp home filthy, exhausted and happy each day. Her big decision after the camp day is if she should play with the neighborhood kids or go for a swim. That is followed by dinner and then sleeping like a stone.

I absolutely adored summer camp when I was her age. I loved the swimming, the sports, the arts and crafts, the songs...everything. Even better was when I was old enough for sleepaway camp. The other day Zoe and I were discussing sleepaway camp and she told me she thought it would be hard to go. I told her she didn't have to go until she was ready or ever. To which she responded,
"I mean it will be hard for you. But I really should go."

She's probably right.


Cam said...

How cute! And likely true for most moms. I remember when my son would come home from summer camp and fall asleep at the dinner table!

Emily Barton said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but the comment gods swallowed it up and told me the web site no longer existed (or some such stupid thing). So I will try again and repeat, while also improvising a little more (24 hours gives me time to expand a comment):

How could anyone not be madly in love with Zoe-of-the-Such-Great-Voicings? Which, of course, means, her going to sleep away camp will be very hard for you. I will come keep you company and bug you for hot dogs and ice cream.

ZoesMom said...

Cam -- Zoe hasn't quite fallen asleep at the table...yet.

Emily -- I am going to hold you to that visit. I think I'll be a bit lonely.