21 June 2010

Toy Story 3

Over the weekend we went to see Toy Story 3. I'm not usually the biggest fan of kids' movies, but I have to admit I was excited for this one. I can still remember the night I went to see the original Toy Story movie and I was completely blown away by the graphics. I missed Toy Story 2 in the theaters -- probably because I didn't yet have have a Zoe in my life. However, once I did have a Zoe in my life, it wasn't long before we watched it on DVD and I was not disappointed.

Since it has been about 11 years since a new Toy Story movie has come out this movie opening was quite an event. I think I've been looking forward to it for about 6 months and I know Zoe and my niece and nephew have been looking forward to it at least that long. So, we decided to make a small party out of it and we bought advanced tickets for a Saturday showing of the 3-D version on opening weekend (this past weekend). Despite the fact that Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny day we all went into the theater loaded down with candy and other snacks and settled into our seats in the dark and cold theater. 3 kids in front and 4 adults sitting behind them.

From the moment the movie started the only movement from the row in front was hands reaching back to request more candy. The movie was so good that it made me cry as well as laugh -- a lot. It was really delightful and truly impressive in terms of animation. I don't know how those people at Pixar do it, but based on all the credits it sure takes a lot them to achieve a movie like this. And I'm guessing it took the full 11 years as well. But it was all worth it. I think this movie is as much a winner for kids as it is for adults. I like this quote from the NY Times review:
“Toy Story 3” is as sweet, as touching, as humane a movie as you are likely to see this summer, and yet it is all about doodads stamped and molded out of plastic and polyester. Therein lies its genius, and its uncanny authenticity.
My only complaint -- someone please tell me the point of 3-D. It really didn't add much in this case and those darn glasses give me a headache. My advice -- go see the non-3-D version, but go see it.


Chapter Forty said...

Im a huge Toy Story fan and regularly try to convince my kids to watch one and two on DVD. Its amazing how much more you notice in subsequent viewings. I am looking forward to three, particularly after your review. I also am really pleased to hear that 3d is not essential as I cant see it with my wonky eyes

Emily Barton said...

All right. You've convinced me. I didn't see the second one (I have a Zoe in my life, but don't get to hang out with her enough), but I liked the first one.

ZoesMom said...

Chapter Forty -- then I think you will definitely love TS3.

Emily -- you should rent #2 before seeing #3. #2 is worth watching.