08 June 2010

Tuesday Shoesday: Wedge Espadrilles

Earlier this spring I bought this pair of espadrille wedges from Banana Republic. I've tried to wear them 3 times now and 3 times they've been ridiculous. They just wont' stay on my feet. I know I bought the right size because the next smaller pair were really too tight. I tried heel grips, insoles and nothing works. After walking around like Frankenstein in them last night, I've decided I have to give them up. (Becky -- you have first shot at them, if you're interested.)

So, now I have to find something to replace them because I really wanted a wedge type espadrille sandal for the summer. Here are some options I'm considering:

Eric Michael -- Paloma
They look like good basics.

Kate Spade -- Candice
Maybe I could afford them if I saved.

Lifestride -- Sunny
These look cute and comfortable.


1 comment:

HT said...

As the woman who goes for comfort over all else, my vote is for the last pair- the other two look potentially ankle twisting to me... unless they are what I like to call "sitting shoes".