26 March 2011

Shopping with Zoe

Used to be that shopping with Zoe was something to be avoided -- especially when shopping for anything that is not specifically for her. Lately things have been improving.

A few weeks ago I dragged her into Sephora and at first she was complaining about how long it was going to take, but then I showed her how she can try on the make up and she was completely enthralled. I ended up having to drag her out of the store. Needless to say she was quite colorfully made up.

Last week she and I walked into town so I could go to a sale at Ann Taylor loft. The entire store was 30% off so I obviously felt compelled to check it out. I shopped the store as quickly as possible, but I wanted to try on a couple of dresses I'd found. Amazingly Zoe did not even roll her eyes when I asked her to come into the dressing room with me.

She sat patiently while I tried things on. She offered a few kind opinions. When I was trying on the dress I ended up buying and she said I looked like a model. And she was sincere.  Perhaps that helped me make the decision to buy it?

The best part was when I was getting dressed back in my clothes and she told me, "I really like that shirt! You should definitely get that shirt!" And when I told her that was my shirt from home she said, "You have really good taste. "

I wish I had a recording of that moment to be played back when she's about 15...


phill said...

Nice. A critic with taste. My daughter is now 14 and her tastes are ....rebellious. I've now learnt not to approve or disapprove. But I'm taking photos to embarrass her in a few years.

Emily Barton said...

Hmmm...maybe I need to take Zoe shopping with me.