06 March 2011

Dress Shopping

In about 2 weeks we have a family bar mitzvah to attend. This means that we all need something nice to wear which also means we must go shopping. I never mind shopping, but it is not Zoe's favorite thing to do. Especially since this is a mandatory dress wearing occasion. Zoe really, really did not want to go dress shopping.

Truth be told, I can really relate to the feeling. When I was about the same age that she is now my brother made his bar mitzvah and that meant I had to buy a dress. I can still remember sobbing in the dressing room over some frilly, white Gunne Sax dress (remember those??). I thought I would rather die than wear that dress or anything resembling it. Some girls love dresses and some like me and now Zoe recoil in horror at the thought.

Luckily for Zoe children's clothing is so much nicer, cuter, and cofortable than it ever was when I was a kid. I often find myself wishing I was a kid so I could wear some of the adorable clothes that are available for Zoe. Zoe is pretty picky about what she wears, but there's always things she likes.

Last Sunday we were at a birthday party and my brother and sister-in-law were there too so we decided to all hit the mall on the way home so we could do some shopping for the kids together. Zoe was not really excited about it, but having her cousins come with us made her more enthusiastic. We went straight to the children's department at Macy's and grabbed every dress each girl said they would try and what ensued was something out of a romantic comedy dressing room scene with the girls trying on dress after dress from the ridiculous to the sublime. It was quite amusing. Finally Zoe settled on the first dress she tried on and I happen to think she looks perfect in it.

Now we just need shoes...


Emily Barton said...

Oh, it's an absolutely fabulous dress. But I'm with you and Zoe. Although I love dresses now, I HATED them when I was her age. (I recently discovered that I was the only little girl in my first-grade class picture who was not wearing a dress. How did my mother, who usually had us dressed to the nines for such occasions, let that happen? She must have been away at the time or something.)

Courtney said...

She looks beautiful!! I absolutely love that dress on her!

ZoesMom said...

Emily -- I knew you would say you hated dresses too. :-)

Courtney -- thanks! I can't help but agree.