29 March 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: Old School

After my disappointment in the sandal selections I've seen so far this year I've decided that this spring I'm going old school.  Classics always work, right?

So, I'm thinking I'll start with some new docksiders:

Throw in some flat espadrilles (not the 5 inch platform type):

Some simple wedge peep-toes for going out or work stuff:

And top it all off with some real old-school kicks:

Now that's a shoe wardrobe I could be proud of!


Anonymous said...

Much better than the sandals, and I really like the sneakers!

Emily Barton said...

Oh man, are you making me want to go shoe shopping (even for spring shoes as I look out the window at snow. It's melting fast, so it must be a spring snow). Of course, not that it's difficult to make me want to go shoe shopping. Those espadrilles are lovely, and I haven't had a pair of docksiders in 100 years. Perhaps it's time I got some of those as well?

HT said...

Didn't you have docksiders like that in college? They look familiar... xo

ZoesMom said...

I had and wore religiously those exact docksiders in middle school and early in high school until I gave them up for converse hi tops.