29 June 2011

The Cosmetics Counter: Surf Spray

Since I have rather short hair I don't use much in the way of hair products.  My hair usually requires very little in the way of styling and I tend to not go in for expensive shampoos, conditioners or other styling products.  However, last time I got my haircut my hair dresser used a new product (or at least new to me) called "Surf Spray" on my hair and the results were really great so I decided to go ahead and buy it.

When I first got home with it I felt like I had probably blown $25 since everyone knows there is some kind of magic that happens to your hair in the hair salon that can never be re-created at home.  I am happy to report that I was completely pleasantly surprised.  This stuff magically adds thickness and texture.  I spray it on and then just rub my hair while drying it.  What could be easier?  I thought maybe it only worked in short hair, but a few weeks ago Zoe let me try it on her longer hair and it also had great results.

So, if you're looking for something to give your hair texture (not smooth, sleek, straight) give it a try.  It is supposed to be the texture you get after a day at the beach.  Not sure that is exactly true, but it is still pretty cool stuff.

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