30 June 2011

Getting Old

I do agree with the idea that age is more a state of mind and I personally feel "young" for the most part.  However, since I've turned 40 I've noticed some things about getting older that make me feel, for lack of a better word, old.
  • Muscles get sore that never got sore before -- muscles I don't think I ever knew I had
  • Taking Advil (or similar) becomes a much more regular thing
  • Hair color goes from a nice to have to a must have
  • It takes more than an extra cup of coffee to make up for one late night
  • The 5 pounds you put on over a week's vacation, don't just disappear a week or two after you return from vacation
  • The amount of stuff you don't know seems to grow
  • People in their twenties now really do seem like they come from a different generation and, frankly, I think of them as kids
  • I sometimes have to question if a skirt or a pair of shorts are too short
  • I sometimes have to question if an item of clothing or accessory is too trendy or "young"
  • I often have to choose between skin care that fights wrinkles and skin care that fights pimples
  • Kids' movies make me fall asleep
  • Kids' TV shows drive me away from the TV
  • I frequently ask Zoe to turn down the volume
Since I'm still about 30 years away from being able to take Social Security I think I'll have to work more on the list of the ways I feel young.  

1 comment:

OSeñorita said...

Hahaha! I'm 34 and am feeling all that! 'Guess I'm getting old too. But have to fight it off with a state of mind that "I am not getting old, I am getting wiser!"