21 June 2011

Tuesday Shoesday: The Purse Edition

My failure to find inspiring shoe designs has led me to two related conclusions.

1. I need to do more than just shop online
2. I need to find new shopping sites/stores

As a result of my desire to branch out I've spent a fair amount of time online looking at Etsy.com and some other similar sites. I'm sure it is not news to say that Etsy is a great site. There are some really interesting things to be found on that site -- certainly from the sublime to the ridiculous and most certainly in overwhelming quantity.  I decided to narrow my exploration to an area I love almost as much as shoes.  Purses, of course!

There are about a million great bags, but I picked out a few I really liked. They are all fairly affordable especially compared to a Coach bag or Kate Spade despite the fact that they are some of the more expensive bags to be found on the site.

If I were in need or particular want (since "need" rarely is a factor with purses) of a a new tote this one would be high on my list.  The details and colors are modern and casual, but at the same time the bag looks like it would work for a lot of occasions.

This bag is all about the details. How great is that lining? Click the link to see how gorgeous it is closed up too. If this were a "designer" bag I am sure it would sell for at least $250.00 or more.

This is a gorgeous evening bag.  I already have a couple of dresses this would work with.  Now I just wish I had somewhere to go!

Next time I think I'll look at jewelry.  


HT said...

I actually think you need to start DESIGNING shoes... xo

OSeƱorita said...

That evening bag looks gorgeous!!! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the framed clutch!