27 June 2011

Tea at the Plaza

Last week was a pretty terrific week.  The school year ended, I hosted a successful party/book swap with my reading friends, the always lovely Emily came for a visit, I waived to Barack Obama, I rode in one of the new MetroNorth train cars, and, best of all, I was taken for tea at the Plaza.  Really everything that comes before on this list pales in comparison because tea at the Plaza is a truly special event.

Going to tea at the Plaza is not something I would have thought of doing, but the aforementioned lovely Emily gave me this wonderful experience as my 40th birthday present.  We arrived in New York City in the late morning and did a bit of this and that including some fabulous window shopping at Tiffany's and Henri Bendel.  Before we knew it it was almost our reservation time so we made our way up 5th Ave to The Plaza.

I'd never been inside the Plaza before and the lobby did not disappoint.  We were seated immediately and we ooh'd and ah'd over the menu, the setting, the lovely piano music playing softly in the background.  And after a somewhat hilarious search for the restrooms, we relaxed into what is basically a spa-like experience that involves food and tea instead of facials or massage.

Of course I made good use of my iPhone to document the experience so here are some pictures:

The tea service including champagne. 

Close up of the most delicious cucumber sandwich.

The Lovely Emily and her champagne.

The portrait of Eloise that hangs in the hallway off the lobby.

It truly was a magical experience that I will never forget.  When we left The Plaza I felt like I was returning to Earth after having been in some magical place.  I highly recommend the experience as a special treat or to celebrate a special occasion.

Thank you again Emily!

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Emily Barton said...

It WAS magical! Way beyond my expectations. Thanks for documenting it so beautifully.