05 January 2008

She can read!

The other night at bedtime when I asked Zoe to pick out a story for me to read to her I jokingly added "Unless you want to read to me this time."

"OK," Zoe said, "I'll read to you!" She then ran off to her room and when I came in she was sitting on the chair where we read stories with a book in her hand. She had one of the books from her set of Bob books. She's made some progress with these before in sounding out the words, but she never got past the first one or two books which are very simple without giving up in frustration. This time she had the hardest of the set.

She read the whole thing!

She did a fantastic job too. I was really surprised and happy and so proud. After that book, she read another! And she did it again last night. She has finally cracked the code. If she could only understand how the world will be opened up for her now. I am forcing myself to hold back, but I can't wait to see her reading all kinds of books. There are so many I just know she will love. I have been dying to share some of my favorite books with her.

I guess I really should write a note of thanks to her kindergarten teacher!

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