18 February 2008

Manic Monday

Here's the President's Day Manic Monday:

What do you order when you eat Chinese food?
General Tso's chicken and pork fried rice -- those are my two favorites. I also really like scallion pancakes, but it is hard to get good ones so it usually depends on where I am ordering. Hands down favorite Chinese food restaurant is Sammy's Noodle Shop on 6th Ave. & 11th St. NY, NY. When I am there I often order the chicken lo mein too because their noodles are the best!

How much have you controlled the course your life has taken?
Obviously as a kid I have had no control over the course of my life, but since college I would say that things have pretty much been in my control. I haven't always made the best decisions, but it has all been in my control. I chose my career path(s), I chose to get married, I chose to have a baby. That's not to say there aren't things I would change about my life, but I think I got myself exactly where I am right now.

Whose opinion do you value when deciding how to vote?
Frankly, no one. I prefer to make my own decisions about voting.


Emily Barton said...

Hmmm...I'll have to remember that Chinese restaurant next time I'm in the city (if I'm not too busy stuffing myself at all my favorite haunts on the Upper West Side).

Laane said...

interesting answers.

Mine can be found ::here::

Teena said...

Your Chinese food choices sound yummy! I'm on my way :)

I played too!