28 February 2008

What are you wearing today?

As was recently revealed over on Musings from the Sofa my excellent friend and esteemed colleague is heading for greener pastures in the very near future. While I am truly thrilled for her, I am sad for me because although I have no doubt our friendship will remain constant there is much I will miss such as barging into her office whenever I feel the need, our regular lunches at our regular spot, and finally, seeing her clothing and shoe choices each day.

I know that last one may sound silly to some, however, the bar for fashion is set pretty low at my workplace (clean clothes often qualify as dressed-up). Becky is one of the few notable exceptions to this rule and I strive to be one myself. As Becky wisely pointed out we basically dress up for each other every day. And that is absolutely true. Now that we're not going to see each other everyday how will we communicate what we're wearing? Jokingly we thought there must be some social networking application out there that would allow us to share the info in a fun way -- kind of like Twitter, but just for clothes. One Google search led to another and I stumbled across a blog called What are you wearing today? Go ahead and take a look at it and then come back here.

Unbelievable, right? Can you imagine how much time this person spends just photographing his clothing selections for each day? Never mind how much time and money he spends acquiring these clothes. I never fancied myself the next editor of Vogue, but this guy really puts my fashion love in check. I would love to see his closets. This blog is a little like men's fashion porn.

I don't think Becky and I will go that far.


Emily Barton said...

Scary. I mean, really, truly, creepy scary. Imagine if you went out on a date with someone and then discovered he was the author of that blog? (Oh God, it's another ghost story that's going to wander around in my brain asking why I don't write it.)

tracie valentino said...

I don't quite know why, but I am strangely dissatisfied that nowhere on the site is a picture of him actually WEARING the clothes.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, that is very disturbing. I agree with Emily, that it's a ghost story in the making; and with Tracie that you want to see him wearing the clothes.
We will have to find another way!

ZoesMom said...

I agree with you all -- it is both creepy and dissatisfying. There must be a better way!