04 February 2008

Cheaters Never Win

As just about everyone knows, last night the Super Bowl was played. It was probably the most exciting football game I ever watched and since I was rooting for the Giants it was especially great. (And I just have to mention that it was incredible on my new TV -- that HD is amazing.) Somewhere in the 4th Quarter when it looked bleak for the Giants my mother issued a challenge -- who can come up with the most trite wrap-up? You win some, you lose some. They played a good game. Etc.

Obviously, things turned around for the Giants and as we were all jumping up and down and high-fiving each other my brother said, "How about this for trite -- cheaters never win!" You see my family are die-hard Jets fans and we have not forgotten a little scandal that took place some months ago where the Patriots perpetrated a wrong-doing on our men in green. They were caught illegally filming the signals of New York Jets coaches in the season opener. That's a no-no. At the time they were fined -- both the team and the coach and they lost their first round draft pick. Now you can add one more thing to that list that they lost! Karma has a way of coming around eventually.

Speaking of the Super Bowl for me, the stand-out over the top commercial was this one:


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Emily Barton said...

Oh, yes, absolutely, cheaters never win! Wasn't it AWESOME?! (You realize, I am not allowed to say that around any of my co-workers way up there in NORTHERN New England.)