05 February 2008


with cheeks, originally uploaded by Marcyjill.

Since she started sleeping in the crib, every night after I brush my teeth and right before I get into bed, I check on Zoe. I love to see her asleep. She is so beautiful and peaceful and I regularly stand there feeling a strange combination of awe and relief. I am in awe of her beauty and her energy that is still so evident even when she is at rest and I am relieved that she is safe and sound for another night.

Over the years I have taken many, many photographs of her sleeping. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Emily Barton said...

Awww! You do realize, though, that if by the time she's fourteen, access to this blog still exists, you are going to be up for The Worst and Most Embarrassing Mother of the Year Award. Thanks for taking that risk and sharing anyway.