19 February 2009

Charlotte Interviews Me

Apparently "the interview" is an oldie, but it is new to me. I discovered it when I read Charlotte's (of Charlotte's Web) interview and I liked the idea. Happily Charlotte agreed to interview me. So, here goes...

1. One of your resolutions this year was to cook more often. Tell us about something you have cooked this month, and how it was received by your family.

I have been doing some cooking, but nothing too adventurous. The best meal I prepared was sauteed chicken breasts with green beans, corn and corn bread. The corn was frozen and microwaved because Zoe won't eat green beans, but everything else was made fresh. Zoe would only eat the corn and the cornbread, but my husband ate every bite so I took it as a good sign. I have to admit I liked it too. Much of the point of my cooking is so that my family and I eat healthier meals and I feel like this meal was a success on that front too.

Here's some photographic evidence of this meal:

2. You trained as a costume designer, and now work in a completely different industry. How do you channel your creativity?

These days I find my creative outlets to be either writing or photography. That is one of the reasons I love blogging so much -- it is a great space for both. I dream of someday doing some drawing and painting again and I have some interesting collage ideas in my head, but I right now life is so busy it is hard for me to make time and space for that.

3. Money is no object. What is your dream vacation?
That is a tough question because I am not sure if my dream vacation is in one spot or if it involves multiple locations. Either way it involved 5 star accommodations. I love beautiful hotels.

So if I had to choose one place I think a month or two in Barcelona staying a suite with a beautiful view would be divine. I would do it all, immerse myself in the Barcelona life and hope to get mistaken for a local by the end of the trip.

A traveling vacation would probably be the Pacific Northwest of North America. I'd like to start in Seattle, WA and explore north and west of there. I am sure I would need a month or two for that as well.

4. You love reading. What was the last book you read, what are you reading now and what is next on your TBR pile?

I just finished a book called Smart Girls Like Me by Diane Vadino. It is slightly above chick lit on the fiction scale of quality. Can't say I would really recommend it, but it is not a bad book.

I am currently reading The Saturday Wife by Naomi Ragen. I have only read the first chapter so far so I can't comment on it yet.

Next up is The End of the Affair by Graham Greene. This is my bookclub's next selection.

5. The Michelle Obama Vogue cover. Discuss.

I think Michelle Obama is a gorgeous woman with great fashion sense and the Vogue cover certainly backs that up. I don't have any issues with her being on the cover of Vogue -- I think it is fabulous. It shows her to be young, relevant and "with it." The role of "First Lady" is strange and ambiguous in my opinion, but I have high hopes for Mrs. Obama's definition of it.

1. If you want to be interviewed, leave me a comment, and I will send you some questions.
2. Update your blog with the answers to the questions and link back to the original post.
3. Include the rules in your post.


Emily Barton said...

I learned to cook because I wanted to eat healthier, too. I promise you, it works. And I couldn't agree more with you about Michelle Obama and the cover of Vogue. Have you read any other Graham Greene? I haven't but have wanted to for years. Will be interested to hear what you think of that one.

Courtney said...

Oh, this is just fabulous. I heart Charlotte's questions, and your answers even more. I wouldn't mind being interviewed if you have the time, but no worries either way!

Anonymous said...

Please interview me!
I'll be interested to see what you think about The End of the Affair. I didn't like as much as Greene's other stuff but I think I overloaded on Catholic guilt with Waugh.
Hurrah for the continued cooking successes!