14 February 2009

Sick Boys

Why are men such babies when they are ill? This week my husband has the virus that just about everyone has been passing around. You would think he was dying of diphtheria the way he has been carrying on. Moans and groans and get me tissuse, soup, Nyquil, etc. Not moving from the couch where he has covered himself with ever throw blanket we have and littered dirty tissues all around.

Zoe and I had the same thing two weeks ago. It is a bad one virus, that is for sure, but do you think I got much sympathy when I was sick? When I asked him to stay home one day to help take care of and Zoe so I could go to the walk-in clinic he gave me a look that said I had to be out of my mind and of course he had more important things to do. And when I asked him to please get me some cough syrup he rolled his eyes so far back into his head, I am surprised they didn't get stuck there.

So yesterday I told my feeling better husband two things:

1. The way you have felt the past several days is exactly the way Zoe and I felt 2 weeks ago. Please try to keep that in mind next time I ask you for help when I am feeling ill.

2. Just because he has been sick, he is not excused from buying me a Valentine's Day gift and calling in an order for flowers will not do.

Not sure I will have much luck with the the first thing, but he did come through on the second so I will forgive him -- this time.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it must be universal. We went through this in early January. Baby got sick, DH couldn't stay home so I stayed home. Next day DH is sick so I stay home with him and the baby. Then I feel sick and I'm scrambling to find someone to take care of the baby. Crazy how that happens!

Emily Barton said...

Funny. I just had a conversation this week with my walking buddies about how difficult men are when they're sick (or even when they think they're sick, as one of my buddies pointed out). It seems like such a cliche, but some cliches are true, no?