01 February 2009

Judgement Day

Tomorrow around noon I will be boarding a plane for California. I am going out to meet the new work team in person at the new company's HQ. I have 2 days full of meetings that include just about every person I have or will ever send an email to or be on a conference call with.

If there was ever an opportunity for a "what should I wear?" crisis, this is it. It took me quite a long time to pack. I tried on every outfit I considered. It was ridiculous really, but I am about to be judged by new people -- some of whom are key in my career. I think my appearance is pretty important in this instance.

I actually started thinking about what I was going to bring a few weeks ago when I ordered a suit from Banana Republic online. It is basic and black, but it is new and quite nice. I tried it on this morning with the shirt, shoes and belt I am planning to wear with it. I just bought the belt yesterday while out shopping with Becky so I especially wanted to see how it would look. I liked it, but I wanted a little confidence boost so I decided to show Rob and get his reaction. He was in the bathroom giving Zoe a bath and I walked in and asked him,

"How do I look?"

"Very professional," he said. "But you probably want to take the tag off that belt."

"Yes, I realized that," I said. "So despite the tag, does this look OK?"

"Yes," he said. "Zoe, doesn't Mommy look pretty?"

Zoe then popped up from the bubbles and rubber ducks and looked me over.

"I think you want to take that tag off," she said and went back to arranging her bubbles and rubber ducks.

I promptly left the bathroom and returned to my packing in private. I guess they were giving me a taste of what I am in for, right?

Well, even if they don't like my belt or my suit or me, it will be warm in California. 72 degrees and sunny warm. That alone will make this trip worth it!

And don't worry, I took the tag off the belt before I put it in the suitcase.


Anonymous said...

I'm nervous for you. And, even though you were told twice about the tag, at least you were told. I've left the house with stickers and tags on my clothes before. Good luck and enjoy the sunshine.

HT said...

Bon voyage- you are always the most put together woman I know. I have great confidence in you and your sartorial choices! I doubt anyone else you're meeting with has a background in costume design. Knock 'em dead. xo ht

Dorothy W. said...

Best of luck! I hope everything goes well!!

tracie valentino said...

Rob and Zoe are so... cute. :)

I'm sure you are going to be the best dressed at your meetings--you usually are. Good luck--we should lunch when you come back so I can hear all about it; and this "warm" myth that you keep talking about. What is "warm," exactly? I seem to have forgotten.

ZoesMom said...

Thanks again everyone for the support. The first day of meetings went pretty well. I managed to get there without any tags or stickers on my clothes!

@Tracie -- lunch next week would be great! I will email you.