07 January 2010

2010 Resolutions

OK, it's a new year, time for some new resolutions.

  1. Make a budget. Stick to budget. This is the big one for the year. The big one and the hard one. It is sad, but true that we have no household budget and it is past due that we get one together. We certainly need to save more and make better spending decisions. Oh and there's that little thing called college tuition looming out there... My goal is to have the initial budget created by end of first quarter and start sticking to it by end of third. I know it shouldn't take this long, but I feel like I need to time to get it right.
  2. Blog more. The last few months have been really busy ones for me and I've really let my blogging slip. I have not been good about keeping up with writing or reading the blogs I follow and I miss it -- both the writing and the keeping up with my blogging friends. I have a goal of a minimum of writing 2 posts and 2 blog reading sessions per week. That's not huge, but at least it gets me back into the habit of blogging regularly.
  3. See more movies. I love movies and I hardly saw any this year. (Kids' movies don't count.) I am going to start keeping a list of movies seen on my blog similar to the list of books read. This will be both movies rented and movies seen in the theater. I prefer to go to the theater, but its just not always easy. I've already put together a short list of movies I want to rent and I made a very good jump start over Christmas week when I saw 3 movies in the theater and rented one.
  4. Do some different stuff. Is that vague enough for you? OK, here's what I mean...For my birthday my mother is giving me a trip to a museum in Pennsylvania (not sure which one) and it got me thinking about how I never go to art museums anymore. I can't even remember the last time. I can't believe I haven't taken Zoe, my aspiring artist, to the Met or the MOMA. I've been wanting to go skiing for 2 years and haven't been yet. I love ice skating, there is a rink 15 minutes from me and I've only been twice in the last year. That kind of thing. It is time to shake things up a bit and be open to new adventures.
See you in 12 months for the wrap up report.


HT said...

I can help with the 1st and last... We have some corporate passes to MOMA, so you can go to the musuem, and not spend any moola!! Let me know a week in advance and I'll mail you a pair. xo ht

tracie valentino said...

You know you are more than welcome to accompany us up to Butternut whenever we go--we're aiming for this Friday, but with E being sick, we'll have to see how the rest of us fair. But Friday is the plan. If not then, I'm sure there will be plenty of other weekends--seriously, say the word, I would love for you guys to come skiing with us (whenever we go)!

As for the museums, we took Mad to MoMA and the Museum of Nat. History a few summers ago and she had a blast. She would absolutely love it if she knew that Zoe were going too. Although that one I think is best tackled once the weather gets warmer :)

ZoesMom said...

HT -- you're awesome. Thanks! I will definitely take you up on that.

Tracie -- we'd love to come to Butternut. Thanks!! I can't go this Friday, but please let me know your next trip. Also, a group trip to MOMA would be excellent. We've done Museum of Nat. History a lot and it is time for something new. As soon as it is above 30 degrees. :-)

Emily Barton said...

I'm looking forward to #2.