18 January 2010

Evolutions of Birthday Greetings

As some of you may know, I recently celebrated my 39th birthday. Doesn't that sound like such a grown-up age? Fortunately I don't feel any more grown up than I did last week.

In my house when cards come for birthdays or other occasions we usually display them in the kitchen on our island. Yesterday I realized that I only got 4 cards. One from my mother, one from my father, one from Rob, and one from Heather. All great cards that I was happy to receive. But 4 seemed like a small number. Thinking that made me feel like maybe I was being greedy and I didn't feel like anyone "forgot" my birthday or anything like that. Then I remembered all the birthday greetings that poured in over Facebook, Twitter, and email. I was honestly overwhelmed by that. I heard from people who never would have sent me a card, but since it is so easy on FB, Twitter or email, I got tons of greetings. No one had to buy a card or find a stamp or my address or anything. And yet that really was a treat. Chalk that up to reason # 5,999 why I love the internet.

Of course this all got me thinking that the greeting card business probably isn't booming these days. Being that I work in book publishing, I gotta say, I can relate! Not sure what will happen with greeting cards in the coming years. It is still special to get a card or a physical invitation (non evite), maybe even more special now. But will places like the Hallmark Store evolve or die out? At the same time will that make more or less room for the independent card maker? And then I wondered...will Zoe send out actual paper invitations to her wedding? (Should she choose to have a wedding, and all that, of course.) Funny to watch the small things change, isn't it?


Dermot McCarron said...

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Emily Barton said...

Yes, somehow, it is both sad and exciting, isn't it? (Although I DO not want to become one of those people who can be heard saying, "Well, back in the day, we used to send paper greeting cards to people," or, worse, of course, "We used to have these things called books...")