25 January 2010


Dinner conversation tonight:

Zoe: Mom, what's a habit?

Me: A habit? It's a behavior you do without thinking about it.

Zoe: Like what? What's your habit?

Me: Ummm... I eat too much candy.

Zoe: What about Daddy?

Me: Daddy has a habit of falling asleep on the couch.

Zoe: Isn't a good habit like a hobby?

Me: Ummm no.

It's always entertaining at our table.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to know that kids across the country trouble their parents with such conversations! DD wants to know if Snow White is still dead from Disney on Ice on Sunday afternoon!

HT said...

I hope you didn't tell her you met via personal ads- you: loves good books and eating sweets Rob: favorite hobbies include random napping...