12 January 2010

Zoe's room

My mother bought Zoe a desk for Christmas. She's been wanting a desk (and a computer, but that has to wait) so it was a great gift for her. The weekend after Christmas, Rob, who has a PhD in Ikea-ology, put the desk together and then we spent about 3 hours moving furniture around until we found just the right arrangement. That's a pretty good work out, actually.

All of a sudden it was a completely new bedroom which of course meant that Zoe needed new bedding. Rainbows just weren't going to cut it in this new "grown up" girl room. So, we went to Target (where else?) to check out their collection of bedding. At first Zoe was attracted to the iCarly bedding, then the zebra stripes caught her eye, but after some serious contemplation she ultimately decided on the "Rock Star" bed-in-a-bag set.

They are not pictured here, but the set also came with fuzzy throw pillows. Pretty cool.

Am I sad that we've gone from rainbows to rock star? A little.

But I do appreciate her desire to update her room and make it a place she likes. And since the re-do she has been spending a lot more time in her room which does please me. I remember how important my room was to me as a kid. It was my refuge really.

The only problem now is that she wants to paint her walls too -- lime green and sky blue. Luckily I still get the final edit.


Emily Barton said...

Well, you don't need to worry. She may be growing up quickly, but she isn't a teenager YET, because if she were, she'd be asking to paint the walls black.

Anonymous said...

Love the bedding! Bright colors are cool and very in. And yes, be oh so grateful that she's not asking for black...