19 April 2005

Applying make-up

OK, amittedly I know it is not a good idea, but I have done it too -- I have applied make-up while driving. It is in fact a very bad idea. Especially for the woman in front of me this morning. She was so busy putting on mascara and not paying attention to the road that she ended up all the way over on the left of the rather narrow street we were on. The oncoming car had to beep repeatedly before she realized that he was beeping at her because she was headed right into his car. The light at the end of the street is a long one and it had just turned red when she arrived at the intersection. Rather than wait and use the pause to complete her make-up (a perfect opportunity) she nosed her way out into the intersection until she finally went ahead and made a left on red. I guess she assumed that the light was optional for her. I waited for the light to turn green before turning left and was quite pleased to see her about a hundred yards up pulled over by one of Fairfield's finest. See, there is justice in this world.

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tamgram said...

Woo Hoo, there is some justice in the world!!!!

That would have made me smile all day!