18 April 2005

The First Monday

My first Monday at my new job and it wasn't too bad. I made a real effort to talk to everyone in our group today and that seemed to help defrost the environment. I am sure I will suffer their stand-offish-ness for awhile yet. The joy of the new and much abbreviated commute still overrides much of the pains of starting a new job.

I must have looked back on that picture of Zo&eul; at the beach about 10 times today. She looks so sunny and happy. Sometimes I still can't quite believe a kid as wonderful as she is really my kid. Just lucky I guess. After dinner tonight we took Zoë out to her favorite ice cream place which she lovingly refers to as "Garbage Cow." The actual name is "Sunny Daes" however, in front of the store there is a life-size cow next to an enormous garbage can -- thus it became known as "Garbage Cow." Maybe you had to be there...

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Rich said...

I really enjoyed your blog, All my kids are grown, even my baby is now away at college; and yours will be there all too soon. Enjoy her now, and everyday, forever.