27 April 2005

My Literal Child

Last night at dinner Zoë had her back to my husband and was looking at me while I watched him stick a sharp knife in his mouth to pick his teeth. Some maternal instinct in me reacted by saying "Take that out of your mouth, please." Zoë then asked me what he had in his mouth and I replied "his finger."
"No he didn't! Daddy why did you put the knife in your mouth!?" Zoë accused -- just then turning to face him. I looked across the table at my husband who was also astonished.
"Zoë do you have eyes in the back of your head? " I laughed.
Zoë then immediately reached up with both hands and felt the back of her head. She was feeling for another set of eyes, of course. "No, Mommy, I do not have eyes back there", she replied sounds quite annoyed. "I only have eyes here -- that is the way I was made!"
My husband and I nearly died of laughter as I explained to Zoë that it was only a joke.
"It was a very bad joke," she scolded with brows furrowed and hands on hips.

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