14 April 2005

New job: Day 1

The first day was mostly a blur of meetings. Actual meetings and meeting people. I did my best to remember names. I think I got all the names of the people in my group at least.

The worst part was that I had to eat raisinettes for lunch because no one offered to have lunch with me and I had no security pass for the building so I couldn't come and go without someone with a pass. Not an overly friendly bunch, but I am trying to be understanding. I am taking over for someone who was here for a long time and I am senior to most of them. Even so, it would have been nice for someone to offer to go to lunch with me -- especially my boss. Oh well.

The best part of the day was certainly the commute. Arriving at Zoƫ's daycare 2 minutes after getting into my car was incredibly strange, but in a good way. I experienced that same strange feeling when I arrived at work this morning a mere 20 minutes after I left my house.

I am definitely going to have to work out a new morning routine. Not sure yet what time I want to arrive here and how I am going to work in working out. I think I will try walking in the mornings and aiming to get here by 8:30. Once winter comes, I will have to make other arrangements, but for now I can save a little money on the gym membership. Most of the team seem to come in at 8 and leave by 4:30 so that is a tempting schedule too. I'd rather not nail it down at all if I can help it. We'll see.

OK, must get back to simulating work now. Not sure at all what I am supposed to be doing so I am just doing what I can to figure things out.

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