26 April 2005

The New Boss

The new boss started today. So far...just not sure. Tried to be a friendly by making sure he had lunch plans (unlike my first day!), but he was kind of awkward about the whole thing. I don't know -- maybe I am reading too much into it. I have been known to do that. My husband accuses me of doing it regularly. In any case, I am bent on giving the guy a chance because I really, really want this job to work out.

Today is school picture day for Zoë. She let me blow-dry her hair this morning for the occasion. Wonder if it lasted? Hopefully, they are smart and schedule the pictures in the morning -- before the kids get out to the playground or have lunch. Last year's pix were cute so I am hopeful. Not that I am ever at a loss for recent pictures. I'm not sure, but I think I can practically chronicle every week of her life to-date with photos. Can you tell I just have the one kid?

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