17 June 2005

Butterfly Kisses

Every year around father's day they start playing that song Butterfly Kisses. I cannot explain the affect that song has on me because I really don't understand it. I'm not a father. I never gave butterfly kisses to my father. My daughter doesn't give butterfly kisses. I don't even like country music! But every darn time I hear that song it makes me cry. Seriously. The tears well up and I cannot control it. It is so silly.

Last night I was giving Zoë a bath and I had the radio on in the bathroom and Butterfly Kisses came on and I just started to cry right there in the bathroom with Zoë watching me. I tried to stop myself and I tried to hide it, but I didn't do a very good job. Then Zoë said, "But Mom, I love you." And I that only made it worse. I had to just let the tears flow and hug and kiss a wet and soapy kid.

You try explaining to a 3-year-old why you're crying over a song.

You can hear a sample of the song here. Or read the lyrics here.

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david said...

thanks for turning me on to a new song!