06 June 2005

Hugh Jackman has a wife??

At the end of the Tony awards last night, after making a silly joke about Paris Hilton, show host, handsome Hugh Jackman said he just got a look from his wife. Huh?? Because I would have sworn that Mr. Jackman was as gay as any musical theater loving boy I have ever known. Maybe she's just a front so he can keep on being Wolfman as well as dancing and singing to "Gotta Dance"? But in the face of all the wonderful open gayness present in full-force at last night's award show, I would be surprised that would be tolerated in the show's host. The whole thing was just very confusing.

Speaking of the Tony Awards, Liev Schreiber has evolved into one very handsome man. I have always felt that he is an extremely talented actor, but maybe a little nebbishy. Not anymore. I know he's dating a beautiful actress, but her name escapes me now -- in any case I see her point now.

Also at the Tony Awards was Mr. Edward Albee. He's amazing. I will always regret getting rejected from UT Austin and not having the opportunity to be in the same theater department as him. And I loved what he said about being happy to get the lifetime achievement award before he actually died.

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