10 June 2005

morning walks

I usually go out for a walk in the mornings now that the nicer weather is here and I don't have my horribly long commute anymore. I try to get out of the house by 6:15am and if Zoƫ is awake by that time I will take her with me in her stroller. (Incidentally, she has two strollers both of which she has named. There is Strolly and there is Tray. Tray is the stroller that has a little cup holder and snack tray on it.) The streets are usually rather quiet in my neighborhood at that time of the morning so the only noise is the occasional passing car. My usually very talkative and noisy daughter is also very quiet on these morning walks. She is completely lulled by the motion and the quiet and she usually just looks around and barely says a word for the entire walk. Like this morning, I often wonder what she is thinking about. Is she just absorbing the scenery and wondering about all the houses and the people that live in those houses as I sometimes do? Or is she thinking about something else like her friends from daycare or our upcoming trip to (something I know is not ever far from her mind)? Does she think about me and my husband? What does go on in her head? I guess I'll never really know for sure. It is funny to me to think of her having these independent thoughts.

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