20 June 2005

Good enough for ice cream

It seems that Zoë has done a complete 180 in the behavior department. Just around lunchtime my husband called to say that he thought maybe Zoë was replaced in the night with a pod version or something because she was being uncannily good all day. (I knew I should have played hooky today!) He said that she was so good that she deserved ice cream and asked if I wanted to meet them at Stew Leonard's for a treat. How could I resist an offer like that?

(BTW, Husband has Monday's off from work in case you're wondering.)

Turns out, he was right. She was a delight to be around. She listened. She sat and ate her ice cream. She wasn't fresh once. She didn't whine or cry for no reason. After we finished our ice cream we walked over to the petting zoo and then when it was time to go she didn't argue or complain at all. Amazing! Hooray! The good Zoë has returned!

I really, really hope it lasts until I get home tonight...

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