15 June 2005

It all started with Baby Doll...

My daughter thinks of the craziest names for her toys. I wish I knew where she came up with half of them and the other half are more than obvious which gives them their own strangeness.

I think it started with the baby doll I gave her for Christmas 2 years ago. Her name is, of course, Baby Doll.

Next came Pokey and Peekey -- two large stuffed dogs. I believe Pokey is the purple one and Peekey is blue. Pokey came from one of my Montreal trips when we went to La Ronde Amusement Park. I won him at the horse race game where you have to shoot water pistols into a hole to get your horse to move. Not sure how, but I managed to win.
Peekey came from a Toys 'R Us trip that was a reward for some potty training milestone.

Spookette is a stuffed worm/snake (not sure which) that is meant to be an infant's toy.

Spookess is a Dapper Dan type of rabbit that has a zipper, velcro, a button, etc.

Can't leave out:
Katie Doll -- brought home from another Montreal trip and immediatel banished for reasons that were never clear. Luckily Katie Doll found love with my niece.
Patrick (another baby doll -- a girl baby doll)
Mooka (a big piece of plastic tubing -- don't ask)
The complete animal friends bowling set which includes: Squeaky (mouse), Checker Bear, Justin, Justy, Rusty and some others I forgot.

And I believe I have already mentioned our strollers: Strolly and Tray.

I will be sure to add to this list just to keep a record.

6/16/05 update
I can't believe I forgot the two cows: Jacques and Jacques 2.

Thought of another one: Eric the aligator

One more: Farmer the hobby horse

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