24 June 2005

Watching the trains

Yesterday I had an on-site training class for most of the day and at the end of the class (around 4 pm)I offered to drive the instructor to the train station. To get to the train station I have to drive right by Zoë's daycare. My orignal plan was to then go back to my office, answer a few emails and then head out for the day. However, on the way back from the train, I just couldn't drive by daycare again and not pick up Zoë so, I stopped and got her. She was so excited to see my "work friends."

When we got there she played with all the little toys I have in my office, she played with the watercooler, she wandered around, but funniest of all, she flirted with my boss. It was so sweet. I think the two of them fell for each other instantly. You know, in a 3-year-old crush on 40-year-old kind of way. Seeing that the two of them were enjoying each other's company, I offered to drive my boss to the train station (even though I had just come from there). He happily accepted and off we went.

Zoë continued to flirt in the car insisting that my boss open her lollipop and that my boss pick up the ball she dropped. He was happy to oblige. We said good-bye at the station and just as I was rounding the corner I noticed that my boss had left a bag on the floor so I headed back to the station to see if I could catch him. I parked and got Zoë out of the car and told her we were going to go up on the platform to look for my boss. She was so excited. We easily found him and returned his bag and then Zoë said she wanted to see a train. So we took at seat on a bench and waited for the train. She was cute sitting on the edge of the bench, back ramrod straight and so excited over seeing a train. We chatted with my boss until the train came and then he got on and we waived good-bye. Zoë was amazed by the size of the train and a little unsure about my boss getting on, but overall she was enthralled and waived enthusiastically as the train departed the station.

I'm not sure I ever would have thought to do that if we weren't actually taking the train, but it was so much fun for her that we'll have to do it again. Plus, I am sure she will not mind seeing my boss off again.

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