22 June 2005

Dare I even ...

...say how many hours I waste while I am at work.

No. I won't say.

However, in my entire office job career I have yet to regularly fill 40 hours a week with actual work nor have I ever been able to figure out what everyone else is doing all day. Especially the people who seem so darn busy. I have only one friend who will admit to the same lack of work to do at her job, but I suspect there are others. It is definitely some kind of badge of honor to be overworked. I do my best to fake it. My husband once tried to convince me that it was because I was so much smarter than everyone else, but I really find that hard to believe. I have employed many tricks to slow myself down, but I am still often left with so much darn time to fill. Right now I could leave for the day and still not be behind tomorrow and it is only 2:45 PM.

3:35 PM -- Less than an hour later and I in a mild panic that someone might read this who has influence over my career. Not that I have legions of readers or anything, but you never know who could be looking, right? We'll see if I can maintain the courage to keep this post as a part of my blog. It might have to become one of the "lost episodes."

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david said...

tell us how many hours!