01 July 2005

Moisturizer madness

In the last week I have purchased 3 bottles of moisturizer. Yes, I do have dry skin, but its not that bad. Seems like the world of moisturizers has really expanded lately and its not just about scents anymore. It started with the bottle of Lubriderm with SPF15. This is a fantastic idea. I use moisturizer every morning and now just like the stuff I put on my face (Oil of Olay), my bod gets some sun protection too. And it is so easy to re-apply -- easier than sunscreen for some reason. Probably because it is thicker and doesn't smell like sunscreen -- it is fairly odorless.

Next came the Jergens lotion with shimmer. It was a total impulse buy because I liked the idea of it. The best part is that it really works. In addition to the moisturizing, it leaves a subtle shimmer on you skin. The shimmer doesn't last all day, but it is nice for an evening out. I like the subtle factor a lot because I was concerned it would be like a 14-year-old's body glitter. It has a nice. light scent too.

Finally the other day I happened upon another Jergen's product called Natural Glow. This is lotion with some sunless tanner in it. I've never really gone in for the sunless tanners before, but this intrigued me. I applied it yesterday morning and by the end of the day I could see that there was a change to my skin color. Again, a subtle change, which is good.

Now, my dream would be to have a lotion that has SPF 15, shimmer and a little sunless tanner all in one. That would be the ultimate summer moiturizer. If it could also be unscented that would be a bonus. Any cosmetic manufacuterers out there???

Yes, it's true, I spend an awful lot of time in CVS.

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