16 July 2005


Yesterday I had an amazing Targasm! What's a targasm, you ask? A targasm is an intense, highly pleasurable shopping experience had at a Target store. It was truly the best shopping I have ever done there and believe me, I am an experienced Target shopper.

Here is just a choice sampling of what I walked out of the store with:

A suit. Yes, a suit. Lined jacket and everything. The only alterations needed is the pant hem.
Isaac Mizrahi for Target Madras Jacket.
khakis for husband
shorts for husband
Jaws t-shirt for husband
Hello Kitty sandals for Zoë
Rain boots for Zoë
hairbrush and comb
bubble bath
movie size boxes of candy (Mike & Ikes, Junior Mints, Good & Plenty, Hot Tamales, and Raisinettes)
Tositos Gold Tortilla chips
juice boxes
skim milk

And that's not everything. That is what I call variety. Grand total for this shopping extravaganza...?


Not bad, huh? Tell me where you can even buy a women's suit for that much? It was by far the most satisfying shopping experience I have had in a long time. Even better than my spring time spree at the Palisades Mall.

Hee hee! I can't wait to go back for more.

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