20 July 2005

My Night with Harold and Kumar

I really thought I would watch and episode or two of Six Feet Under and then fall asleep to the Nick Hornby book I am still trying to trudge through.

The cable gods intervened in my plans and instead I watched Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle. This is the funniest, stupid movie I have seen in a long time. The tag line for this movie:

Fast Food. High Times.

It's priceless really. The guy who plays Kumar, Kal Penn, is really cute and I don't usually go for Indian guys. I especially liked the "extreme" guys and Harold and Kumar's Jew neighbors/friends Goldstein and Rosenberg (weirdly reminiscent of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern -- could it be???) who are also affectionately nicknamed Manny and Chevitz.

If I were still 20-something I would get high and watch this again. But alas, I don't do that anymore.

Wonder if Zoƫ will ever imagine that I would love a movie like this one? I know I cannot picture my mother watching it.

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FlyingSquirrel said...

I firmly believe this movie deserves an Oscar for something. There should be a "stoopid-silly" category, for movies like this, Old School, etc. I think my favorite line in H&K has to be: "Dude, we are so high right now! We're not low..." And given that I am the last person on the planet not to have seen an episode of Law & Order, Chris Meloni will forever be Freakshow to me. I'm so glad you liked this!