29 July 2005

Who Knew Hi-5?

During our recent visit to Sesame Place I noticed on their calendar of events that Hi-5 would be performing there in October. This was very exciting news because Zoë loves Hi-5 so we decided we would definitely come back in October for the show.

A couple of days ago I called to reserve seats and all 6 shows are all sold out! I couldn't believe it. Only one other family I know has even ever heard of Hi-5. We discovered it by accident ourselves. If I wasn't such a big watcher of TLC then our bedroom TV would not have been on that channel that fateful morning that Rob brought Zoë into bed with him because he couldn't wake up yet. In an attempt to catch a few more winks he switched the TV on and there they were -- hyperactive Hi-5. It was love at first site for Zoë. The show also airs on Discovery Kids, however, they don't air the show every day. I really don't know what the schedule is, but I think one morning a week they play 5 episodes back-to-back. I have a season pass set up for the show so we always have Hi-5 on hand.

The point is, I just can't believe they are so popular. I bet if you asked 10 parents only 2 of them would say they'd even heard of them. It's very disappointing that we couldn't get tickets. The Sesame Place website says a limited number of tickets will be available the day of the show so we are going to go anyway and try to get in. Worst case is we spend another day at Sesame Place -- somehow I don't think Zoë will mind. I just wish I had some kind of Sesame Place connection.

Big Bird


Anonymous said...

Go to www.hi5america.com/links. There are several Yahoo Groups devoted to the cast of the American version of Hi-5. Join and you'll meet many of the fans who showed up in the pouring rain to watch Hi-5 perform at Sesame Place. :-)

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